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Picking all the flowers

Picking flowers can be a radical act. My former husband would “forget” my birthday and other occasions, long before the formal divorce process began. About 10 years ago, a friend, who knew this about my then husband, asked me what I was going … Continue reading

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Leap into the void

During my transition from single-parent-homeowner-commuter-office-worker to itinerant sailor, I often said that the process was a kind of suicide, a killing off of an old life, of what no longer served me, of the person I had been. Like one … Continue reading

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The 4th grade lesson for all

With an increase in hateful behavior in America, apparently inspired by presidential candidate vitriol known as “the Drumpf Effect,” perhaps it is time to change our schools’ curriculum in response, and bring back the exercise that my 4th grade teacher used … Continue reading

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Soul like an inner activist

“What if the soul is like an inner activist, disrupting your status quo, creating imbalance, finding nourishment in illness, moving you not only into light but also the dark, and leaving you unsure of your most cherished beliefs?” These are … Continue reading

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No title? No problem!

In my previous period of unemployment, which was a hell that lasted 14 months, I was struck by how much my identity was tied to my job/title/function. I found that “what do you do?” defined me almost entirely, to the point that … Continue reading

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Single handing therapy

Last weekend I enjoyed my first solo, or “single hand” sail in a very long time. This was something of a landmark for me, because, for almost two years, I was partially disabled by a succession of three leg injuries that … Continue reading

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Choosing a focus

On a recent winter’s morning, I took this photo on my commute, pulling over to catch the scene: heavy traffic, Route 1 strip mall, sky strung with power lines and street lights, sunlit clouds, doves warming themselves in the golden light. What … Continue reading

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Love them the most when they act the least lovable

Kids seem to know when a parent is most overloaded–and that’s when they act up the worst! I swear they have radar for this. If yours are like mine, they even have a pact to take turns being “the bad … Continue reading

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The courage to turn the other cheek

One evening last week, I asked a friend to make plans to come through on a favor he had gladly offered me in exchange for a favor to him. I sent the request by text message, since I know that … Continue reading

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The depth of her strength

Long ago a tender, loving and trusting fairy child was born into a spellbound family. Under an age-old curse, her parents could not love. In an attempt to break the spell, the girl gave up large portions of her Self: … Continue reading

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