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Embarking on a whole new life

Since I was 10-years-old, I quietly held a dream, which began to speak ever more loudly about a decade ago. In response to a question about which of two political aspirations I might have had, I blurted out, “Neither! I … Continue reading

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Soul like an inner activist

“What if the soul is like an inner activist, disrupting your status quo, creating imbalance, finding nourishment in illness, moving you not only into light but also the dark, and leaving you unsure of your most cherished beliefs?” These are … Continue reading

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The magic of asking

I took a chance when a friend on Facebook noted that the upcoming heavy frost would kill the lettuce growing in her garden. Being “temporarily retired” and conscious of budgeting, I noted in my comment that if Carol had an overabundance, … Continue reading

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No title? No problem!

In my previous period of unemployment, which was a hell that lasted 14 months, I was struck by how much my identity was tied to my job/title/function. I found that “what do you do?” defined me almost entirely, to the point that … Continue reading

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A new kind of October

I love the light and colors of October. Today I rode my bike slowly, savoring the amazing colors and textures. This almost made me like fall better than spring. Amazingly, somehow, this October has not brought me sorrow. In the past two decades, … Continue reading

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The key to happiness

Seven years ago this week, I moved into My Palace of Peace, with the help of many people, including my dear friend, Eileen. She also rallied her four children to assist, and even the littlest one was helpful and hard … Continue reading

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“What if we hit the bridge?”

Five years ago today, an accident occurred that etched itself indelibly in my mind and changed my life for the following 16 months. On August 7, 2009, at approximately 9:50 AM, the regional Sea Scout Training Vessel (SSTV) der PeLiKan, … Continue reading

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Single handing therapy

Last weekend I enjoyed my first solo, or “single hand” sail in a very long time. This was something of a landmark for me, because, for almost two years, I was partially disabled by a succession of three leg injuries that … Continue reading

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The two kinds of luck

Luck may appear to be something that just happens to us, but we can often make our own luck when it depends on opportunities seen or made and taken. For instance, I feel very lucky to have wonderful friends, but … Continue reading

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Gift from a broken cellist

Listening to a recording of Janos Starker playing Suite No 1, Prelude of Bach’s Suites for Solo Cello, I remember the time I heard this music played live. The elderly gentleman had chipped a bone in his right elbow a … Continue reading

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